Lower back pain during pregnancy is discomforting and challenging to cope with

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Lower back pain during pregnancy is discomforting and challenging to cope with

Lower back pain during pregnancy is discomforting and challenging to cope withLower back pain during pregnancy is discomforting and challenging to cope with

Pregnancy is the period when the to-be mother is elated. But her excitement dims, when she starts experiencing back pains and cramps on other body parts. This is not a major concern. With proper exercises it can be a relief.

Every time you suffer from a pain in any part of your body, during pregnancy, you get stressed out. You start thinking whether you have done something wrong that there is so much of a pain. During the phase, your body undergoes so many changes and transformations that your own body seems to be alien to you.

Carrying an extra weight is not an easy job

Carrying-an-extra-weight-is-not-an-easy-job lower back pain

Your body will appear and make you feel way different. Carrying an additional weight inside your system will definitely make you feel uncomfortable and there will be strains on your legs, hips and different other organs of your body. Experiencing back pain and cramps, both severe and moderate are very common during the pregnancy.

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Every woman suffers from physical discomfort

Every-woman-suffers-from-physical-discomfort lower back pain

The news of motherhood definitely elates a woman, but the physical pains and the discomforts dampen the spirit. The back pain during the pregnancy is one issue that the majority of the women suffer or complain about all throughout the 9 months. The type and the extent of the pain depends on the phase of pregnancy she is in.

What causes the problem?

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Pregnancy is the phase when a woman’s body will undergo drastic changes and the hormone levels get imbalanced and start influencing the body. Relaxin is one such hormone that seems to go awry during the phase. This hormone actually helps in relaxing the tendons and the muscles of the pelvic area and prepares for childbirth. But, unfortunately, it can loosen the ligaments of the area, causing inner thigh pain and lower back pain during pregnancy.

During the later stages of the pregnancy, you will not be spared from the pain either. The growing size of the uterus will give you a series of issues. Since the growing size of your uterus will impart pressure, you will be experiencing sharp and excruciating pain, which sometimes become too difficult to bear. It is also revealed that the growing weight and the stretching of the muscles and the increase in your belly size can lead to the pain and cramps.

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Are you struggling a lot with your lower back pain?

Are you struggling a lot with your lower back pain-

The level of the pain differs from one woman to the other. While some women are able to cope up with the problems, there are many who have to struggle a lot. The pain is so severe that it also interferes with the sleeping patterns and thereby adds to the discomfort and the stress level.

Disturbance in sleep is not a good thing during the phase and hence measures need to be taken. While suffering from discomforting lower back pain, pregnancy is definitely to be blamed and it affects almost the majority of the women.

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